Fit-Out & Refurbishment: A Quick Overview




A fit-out takes an empty shell or building and transforms it into a compelling environment for working, shopping, eating and living.

This transformative process involves working with an existing structure and encompasses everything from structural alterations to furniture and decorative elements.

There are three main types of commercial or industrial fit-out projects;

Shell & Core fit-outs

In a shell & core fit-out project, the framework of the building is already in place and is a blank canvas for a new occupant or landlord to specify its purpose.

Shell & Core fit-outs include:

  • Main structural areas
  • Lift shafts
  • Concrete and metal frame
  • External works and surfacing

Category A fit-outs

A location that already has basic elements – such as electrical and plumbing – in place but will require additional work to make it into a functional space. It will most likely require flooring, kitchens, partitioning and other items such as fire alarms, heating, networking space dependent on your bespoke business requirements.

Cat A fit-outs include:

  • Basic lighting
  • A/C & ventilation
  • Bathrooms
  • Raised access flooring
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Basic fire systems

Category B fit-outs

This type of fit-out takes the process one step further. All the services provided in a Category A fit-out are involved, with added elements such as signage & branding, furniture blinds and any bespoke needs as the occupier.

Category B fit-outs include:

  • Joinery, doors and partitioning
  • Flooring such as carpet tiles
  • Feature lighting and IT systems
  • Breakout space, kitchenettes and canteens
  • Furniture and customised items
  • Branded material and signage

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