16 June 2023


When you reach capacity within your current workspace, it’s important for you to carefully consider all options when it comes to what to do next.

Now, we may be a little biased, but we see huge benefits in remaining in and transforming your current premises over moving to a new location. While it may not be possible due to your needs and obligations, exhausting all options for refurbishment of your current premises should, in most cases, be your priority.

The most important reason for this is cost. Refurbishing your existing office will reduce design/build costs and project timescales.

Before making a decision, you will want to know your refurbishment options, the SIM Fit-Out team have some things to consider…

  • Existing fit-out issues
  • The utilisation of vacant space
  • Removal and repositioning of walls
  • Creation of flexible work zones for focus, social and breakout
  • Branding refresh with décor & graphics
  • Upgrading flooring, ceilings, lighting & reception areas
  • Changing or upgrading sanitary and w/c facilities
  • Replacing or restoring existing office furniture
  • Upgrades to I.T & networking systems
  • Noisy construction works should be completed out-of-hours
  • Multiple phase process to allow minimal disruption to normal working practice
  • Downtime for staff or remote working may be necessary

Want to know more about refurbishing your workspace?

Contact SIM Fit-Out and one of our expert team will guide you through the process.

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