Maki & Ramen



Maki & Ramen
12 Weeks

Maki & Ramen Restaurant, Manchester: Inspiring Japanese Dining with SIM Fit-Out

In the vibrant culinary scene of Manchester, a rising star in the Japanese food industry is set to captivate palates and create an unforgettable dining experience. 

SIM Fit-Out is thrilled to be in partnership with an independent Japanese restaurant chain as they embark on an exciting expansion journey across the North of England, with upcoming sites in both Manchester and Leeds.

At SIM Fit-Out, we take immense pride in offering full turnkey solutions, and this project for Maki & Ramen Restaurant is no exception. Our involvement spans from developing the initial design concepts to managing the approval and planning stages. From there, we seamlessly transition into the full restaurant fit-out, bringing every detail to life.

The fit-out is a masterpiece of bespoke branding, tailored joinery, and skilfully fabricated elements. We’ve gone the extra mile to optimise the restaurant’s space, incorporating a mezzanine area for a dynamic dining experience. Creating the space for a full bar and DJ booth, playing an integral part in the ambience and character of the restaurant. As a captivating centrepiece, a Sakura featured ceiling gracefully descends, infusing the space with an authentic touch of Japanese aesthetics.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond aesthetics. We’ve integrated HVAC systems, mechanical and electrical systems, cutting-edge kitchens, and cold stores into the SIM package. The result is a restaurant that offers a unique and comfortable environment for diners, where the essence of Japanese cuisine meets modern innovation.

As Maki & Ramen Restaurant prepares to make its mark in Manchester, SIM Fit-Out is proud to be part of their journey. We’re dedicated to creating exceptional spaces that elevate the dining experience, and we’re excited to see this rising star shine in the heart of the city.

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