North Brew



North Brew
10 Weeks

Crafting a Unique Taproom Experience: SIM Fit-Out's Partnership with North Brew Co

At SIM Fit-Out, we’re privileged to partner with businesses like North Brew Co, and the venture in the heart of Manchester’s New Circle Square development truly exemplifies our passion for creating exceptional spaces.

North Brew Co’s taproom project presented an exciting challenge within the vibrant hospitality sector. With a duration of 10 weeks and a 5000 sqft canvas, we set out to transform this space into a haven for beer & food enthusiasts.

Our full fit-out, joinery, and furniture package transformed the venue into an inviting oasis. The unique atmosphere was designed to captivate customers, ensuring they have a memorable experience. We provided turnkey solutions to ensure every aspect was seamlessly integrated, from the implementation of full mechanical and electrical packages to specialised bar and catering facilities.

Bespoke bar furniture, lighting, signage, and interior panelling were meticulously crafted to perfectly align with North Brew Co’s brand vision. Our commitment to detail and quality was unwavering throughout the project.

North Brew Co’s taproom is a testament to our project teams dedication to creating spaces that stand out in the hospitality industry. If you’re looking to transform your venue into something extraordinary, SIM Fit-Out is your trusted partner.

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