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4 Weeks

Transforming Stephens & Drew: Spaces with Style and Functionality

When Hakim Group entrusted us with the task of revitalising Stephens & Drew, an optician retailer in Cleethorpe, UK, we delivered complete fit-out and refurbishment. 

The objective was to remodel & upgrade in line with the new vision and brand, creating a new reception area as well as treatment rooms and facilities for staff members.

Our approach to this ambitious project was to offer a full turnkey service, leaving no stone unturned. We began by stripping out the outdated fixtures and fittings. Our projects teams implemented a new store layout that considered both the flow of customers and the specialised needs of opticians.

To make the optician’s space truly unique, we introduced specialised treatment rooms for patients and the staff facilities received a comprehensive refurbishment, creating a more comfortable and efficient workspace.

Our skilled team installed handpicked flooring and furniture that aligned with the Stephens & Drew brand. Bespoke displays and a reception desk were created by the joinery team. The store’s visual appeal was enhanced through fresh decoration and updated signage.

Upgrades to the existing power, lighting, and networking systems were made to ensure that the store not only looked attractive but also functioned perfectly.
The outcome of this was a revitalised retail space that adds substantial value, not just for the clientele but also for the dedicated staff at Stephens & Drew.

The transformation of Stephens & Drew is a testament to our commitment to enhancing spaces, ensuring visual appeal & also functional for operators. In partnership with the Hakim Group, we’re proud to contribute to creating environments that inspire and excel.

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