Stafflex Recruitment



7 Weeks

When Stafflex entrusted us with revamping their office space, our mission was clear: enhance their working environment and create space for future growth. Our project managers implemented a well-structured, split-phase programme for the office refurbishment. The goal was to minimise disruptions to Stafflex’s daily operations. Through careful space planning, we streamlined office functionality.

This included the design and construction of private meeting rooms, offering staff the perfect spot to collaborate.
One of the pivotal achievements of this renovation was the creation of an open-plan office design. This innovation brought various departments together, fostering collaboration and enhancing overall efficiency. The makeover not only increased space for employees but also allowed for department integration.

We created bespoke breakout areas in the office. These cozy spots provide a haven for staff to socialise and enjoy their meals. We also revamped the office interior with fresh office furniture and carefully selected flooring that harmonized with Stafflex’s branding. Custom signage and branding elements were integrated throughout the office, ensuring that the company’s identity was carried into the physical working environment.

Stafflex were able to expand its workforce and optimise working practices, particularly in the context of candidate phone calls. The new office layout proved to be a vast improvement over the previous space. And, just as importantly, the introduction of relaxing break areas significantly enhanced employee well-being.
The Stafflex office transformation exemplifies our commitment to enhancing workspaces. We’re proud to have played a part in creating an office environment that not only promotes productivity but also boosts employee happiness.

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