JLA Office



4 Weeks

Transforming JLA's Workspace: A Vibrant Office Makeover

JLA, a prominent commercial equipment supplier, approached us with a challenge to revamp their office space. Their vision was to create a dynamic and inviting environment for their employees while showcasing their company ethos to visiting clients.

Our project team embarked on the task of designing an office space that would perfectly align with JLA’s business needs. Every detail was considered to ensure that the space not only reflected JLA’s branding and ethos but also seamlessly integrated custom-branded signage and graphics throughout. The team’s efforts extended to a complete transformation of the entranceway and reception area. A bespoke reception counter and carefully selected office furniture were introduced, setting the tone for a vibrant, welcoming space. Modernisation continued with the installation of glazed partitioning in meeting rooms, fostering a contemporary and collaborative working environment.

One of the outstanding achievements of this project was the minimal disruption it caused to JLA’s daily operations. Our expert project management ensured that refurbishment works were carried out with precision. These activities took place during non-office hours, allowing JLA staff to work at full capacity with minimal interruptions to their daily routines.

The result of our efforts is a creative and welcoming workspace for JLA’s dedicated team. The revitalised entranceway and reception area now offer a compelling first impression of the JLA brand to visiting clients, with impactful branding woven throughout the entire office.

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