Trinity Leeds



Trinity Leeds
2 Weeks

Elevating Trinity Leeds with a Cutting-Edge Retail Kiosk

When Trinity Shopping Centre in Leeds sought a dynamic solution to enhance their promotion and sales opportunities, they turned to us with a challenge: designing and manufacturing a dual-use retail kiosk. This bespoke kiosk was envisioned not only as a sales counter but also as a striking feature within the shopping centre, complete with integrated advertisements.

Our team set to work, fashioning a retail kiosk with bespoke joinery and innovative features. At the core of this design was a secure, temperature-controlled LED display system, offering a dynamic platform for up-to-date and relevant advertising. The kiosk itself was designed with portability in mind, ensuring it could be strategically placed throughout the shopping centre.

Our project management team orchestrated a seamless process that adhered to the project’s timeline. To minimise disruption to Trinity Shopping Centre, the kiosk was fabricated off-site and then installed during non-operating hours.

The introduction of the retail kiosk within Trinity Shopping Centre achieved its intended purpose by elevating promotional activities and sales prospects. Our brilliant project management team ensured the kiosk’s installation caused no disruptions to the retail space. Meanwhile, our design and manufacturing teams delivered a high-quality retail kiosk featuring impeccable joinery and seamlessly integrated LED technology.

This project stands as a testament to our ability to deliver innovative and functional solutions in the retail sector.

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