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Acumen Waste
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Acumen Waste: Transforming Environments for Success

After undergoing a significant rebranding initiative, Acumen entrusted us with the refurbishment of their head office. Nestled within a 4-story building in West Yorkshire, this multifaceted facility houses both office spaces and industrial components. The challenge was to harmoniously blend their new branding within a live working environment without causing disruptions.

Our project extended to both the interior and exterior of the head offices, ensuring a unified representation of Acumen’s fresh branding. On the exterior, we refurbished the building with tailor-made signage and graphics.

Inside the facility, custom graphic elements and furniture were fitted throughout and were designed to align with Acumen’s operational requirements. To promote collaboration, open-plan office spaces, well-appointed meeting rooms, and comfortable breakout areas were carefully integrated, fostering a comfortable atmosphere for employees. The refurbishment extended to office amenities, ensuring the workspace was not only visually appealing but also comfortable and functional.

In the industrial sections, the project management team coordinated the fit-out to prevent any hindrance to Acumen Waste’s critical operations. Our meticulous planning and execution enabled them to maintain their operational efficiency throughout the industrial refurbishment.

The successful transformation of Acumen’s head office stands as another example of our ability to provide comprehensive and tailored commercial and industrial fit-out solutions. Moreover, we have continued our partnership with Acumen Waste, subsequently extending our services to refurbish a specialised chemical treatment plant. Throughout these projects, we have worked closely with Acumen Waste, ensuring that all timeframes and financial aspects are adhered to.

At SIM, we don’t merely create spaces; we craft environments that facilitate business success. Our portfolio, including the exceptional work done for Acumen Waste, reinforces our commitment to providing turnkey solutions that elevate brand identity and operational efficiency.

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